Friday, August 31, 2018

We Can Recover

I pray to a higher power within
a choir of angels singing
clearing a path toward a better future
we get along finally
student becoming teacher
to rewrite our wrongs for history
life feels so scripted like theater
all the pictures couldn’t suit her
A sparkling drama queen dreaming and
she played the piano, dancing

her faith was my destiny and obscene
he left me, sailing to the motherland
as your father’s heart was failing
and I can’t stand the drama and
I have lost my memories

They stared into the archetype
pictures on display, a forsaken paranoia
a terrible high, the peak before we die
that’s just the way it is

She sat on the roof in the trees
Gloria can you hear me
beside her sat a musician
she lost her mind again and again
and we weren't forgotten
every face was hers
in the popular magazines

amnesia, like a seizure
on everything that made us
a melody and a chance
to learn to overcome the impossible
we stood up to their armies
for anyone he engineered abilities
they're crazy, we stood up defiantly
tired of being played for something
she thought no one stood beside her but me
but these millions making history
waking up to a new day
recovering from insanity
writing a better chapter

I fell asleep listening to him singing
I cried songs of serenity and poetry
take the madness away from my head
from my mother’s country
from the world we know today
before we're all dead upon discovery

I thought I made
this atomic matrix mine
because of how she divined on screens
and only I could witness
this machinated haunting
the televised salvation
I know it is so mean
so cruel to be imperfect and
I have a soul

I know its cold outside
but this story is never ending
so maybe stop pretending
to be in control

we were the city, proclamation
a dirty pretty and unclean nation
I ran wild through the fields of sunflowers
tossed my wishes into a holy wishing fountain
through the sun across weeds
over their poisoned foundations

I woke up from a coma on valentine’s day
and sang hello between the bars
the ocean’s tears shined violently
through my brother’s eyes
a weeping guitar; a singing song
I made love to a concubine red star

I thought of Bush, the band,
I thought of the man
some guy named Jim
was my father by blood or gene

As the waves of euphoria crashed
over and over as our hopes unite
against the wall of justice
that they wanted me to forget this
and I refused to become
the same; numb

I would save the world
be a hero to man, and be kind again
but God was orchestrating
a symphony in the sky for wanderers calling
the warriors to rise and take flight

and he was going to see again
and my mother sang me a lullaby
for all the beauty that had been
and I was a spoiled child
and I felt the world was so mean
as we wished upon the wild mountain
to the stars, we were pure and we were

We Can Recover

I pray to a higher power within a choir of angels singing clearing a path toward a better future we get along finally stud...