Thursday, June 21, 2018

Morning Glories

Morning Glories

she had giggled and dreamed of an obscure melody
as she slowly tumbled into the mirror of melancholy
when the morning bells had rang; she started singing
for she'd overdosed on misery and morphine
in an episode; she got drunk on red wine and the holy ghost
of a spiraling neurosis; a beautiful psychosis.

they agreed to comply with the engineer's instructions
although her heart's architecture was left imperfect
and unable to function; It was the angel who set her free
as they knelt before you; as you slept in a sea of apologies
in a circle where nothing appeared to be true
I pulled off your mask; I fell in love with the better parts
as the cloaks were removed;
prayers for abortion from dictatorship
This bastardized disorganized nightmare
Oblivious artifact of my orchestration
organizers of the imminent domain nation
salt between the mouth of eternity.

We Can Recover

I pray to a higher power within a choir of angels singing clearing a path toward a better future we get along finally stud...