Thursday, June 21, 2018

Holly Green

Waking Dreamers

there's no dagger behind me
no danger in sobriety
She was a choir of white angels
in consummation to triangles

A sparkling drama queen and
she played the piano, obscenely
her faith was destiny
motherland, he left me, sailing
while our father's heart was failing

Another time, a historical prodigy
I have lost the memory
They stared into the archetype
my memories on display
A sick euphoria, a forsaken paranoia

She sat on the roof in the mountains
Gloria can you hear me?
Beside her sat her lover who was a musician

She lost her mind again and again
like a seizure
amnesia, like a seizure
on everything

we stood up to armies
for anyone he engineered harmless
crazy, we stood defiantly
only no one stood beside her but me

I fell asleep listening to Elliot Smith
guitar riffs and I was
praying serenely
take the madness away
from my mother's country

I sometimes thought I made the atomic matrix
Because of how she dreamed on screens
this machinated haunting our
television of the world's salvation

damn yeah I know it's mean
so cruel

I know its cold outside

We were in the city, a bad weather nation
dirty pretty city, I dreamed of running through the mountains
tossed my wishes into a holy wishing fountain
through fields as a tiger and sunflowers
glowing weeds over poisoned foundations

I woke up from a coma on valentine's day

and sang hello between the bars
the ocean's tears shined violently

through my brother's eyes
a weeping guitar; a singing song

I made love to a concubine red star
I thought of Bush, the band,

I thought of the man

some guy named Jim

was my father really my father?

As the waves of euphoria crashed
over and over
against the wall of justice
that they wanted me to forget it all
and I refused to become
the same; categorical insane

I would save the world
be a hero to man kind again

but God was sowing a symphony in the sky

too busy to notice as I took flight

and he was going blind

for all the beauty he had seen

and I was a spoiled brat
and I felt the world was so mean

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