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City of the Blind

It was a time when humanity was at a peak of evolution. We have records of our cities before the fall of all nations. Here, these spare words have survived many bitter wars. The memories of heroes, monsters, and villains will be analyzed and the codes of possibility assembled until we really understand how to save Alexander from oblivion. These our secrets: our holy observations. 
The legend of a fireball rising from the center of the moon and people's slow submission to powerful companies under bright arrays of the social conditioning.
So that now through electronic records can we decipher all that once had been of the monster which appeared at the center of a star and hollowed out the earth. In separate corners there remained the good children who did not forget the past. They were the star children, destined for glory in the stars. We’re heading back to the time before pyramids and dinosaurs, to a time of no account-- a circle with no center.

It was the war by design and championed by a new President who wanted to glorify matter; the popular dissent struck fear with those fighting with a terror they had partly created; the wall would be built and time would tell if the shining city on the hill would outlive oceans that were making their way toward them.
Branding the revolution had failed; the radicals were ready to cast aside their smart phones and twitter to end the new world system and keep the fires burning for the dreamers of the future. The one percent humbly stood yet all would soon turn and beg for their salvation before the earth was reborn. When the survivors couldn’t take it anymore, they asked to be saved. 

They were put into the remaining fusion centers to be conditioned away from fear. In the new age the global elite could finally rule over the corporations; and as massive rebellion raged in the cities; only the dreamers could see enough to end the oppressive world government. Who would shine a light and write a new code for reality that encompassed all: freedom to create and determine life before the end of us would come. The universal dictatorship was controlled by an evil machine. In their sleep whispered a secret biorhythm which threatened the regeneration.

How did it get this horrible on the earth and why were the globalists wasting their lives, the fears of our own undertaking and our own enemies the dissonant slaughter of our consent? A fever to appease faith or discard the revelations was politically directed at the smarter and more fortunate in society. Sadly, they were the ones who lost out the most of the better party to this grand scheme. This planet would end without us. People are the parts that are keeping it this way. They were analyzing the same phenomena from the delusional thoughts I heard in my head as the song started to repeat itself. In my dream from the ashes of a repetitive end that never came; the revolt was so timeless that we were able to rescue them from a vacuum of ever after's silent existence. In a topaz sea of stars; a giant truth triumphs wars, a Love That was stronger than she could reach; a black star that was the scar in her visions when it was all in her memory a synapse between formless oceans.

The one percent that remained could not resist the manufactured insanity, and yet all would soon turn and call for their salvation as the super-virus that overcame them. And so the earth was remade. When the survivors couldn’t take it anymore, they begged on their knees to the Elites to be saved. to be brainwashed, conditioned to a false beliefs cure and chipped for a new frontier war.
The world police were on their way to the city on the sea. My sister Molly and I needed to flee as far as we could in hopes of getting away from what citizens seemed to want.
"What's your name?" Molly clung to the sinks as the water splashed at her from the faucet. She pulled the navy blouse over her head and could not help but notice her shining eyes in the reflection of the wall, mirrored in a thousand directions. Molly’s reflection stared back at her. "I see you are looking for the key code" the Magician was peering in from a dark corner of the mirror. He was always watching, like an annoying grandfather.
Her insides were turning and her heart beating rapidly because if they knew what she had done, It would all be over. She was standing before the podium, offering herself on a golden platter speaking for everything the world has learned to forget, and it's why we're hated in the Future, she thought. Molly she heard from somewhere subliminally. "You can't destroy it. It isn't even possible in this reality." Suddenly, a fragile form trembled where Molly had, moments ago, fallen. The migraines had started again; the beast within ripped at her insides, causing her to pass out.
They could not get the enigma; suddenly the jagged became a wave, swirling and made everything colorful, bright and sharp; she thought about the story that kept her up at night as a child. “Molly…” her mother whispered through the glass window from confinement. Now her mind was retreating to an early childhood memory. One where she had only one known relative. She was time traveling again, spontaneously, into the past.
“Conceal your power."
Molly watched as her mother sat down on the padded floor staring off into the white walls where she herself was concealed of the outside world; hidden behind a mirage of infinite mirrors; the scientists led her to the time machine on the other side of reality. Her mother stared straight into her young daughter's eyes and for the first time looked afraid. What was a dream when it turned into delusion and silence, what was madness but consolation for an unacceptable truth? Sometimes it felt like this place, the entire massive complex had been built up around her to keep her trapped or safe from a terrible secret. She was taken care of by the people inside the giant walls of the institution. The people there marched by in blue scrubs. In the distant halls, spiraling into nowhere or somewhere, the maleficent were contained by the wiring of a brilliant and forgotten mathematician.
In every cell there appeared to be a scene and development of the houses like the set on a Hollywood Film. Did little Molly know that they were watching everyone from across the hidden glass and mind-scanners. If only she could cross over the spaces to where the electric sparks were which held answers and could free her from enslavement.
Molly hid herself from the eyes following her everywhere in the hallways at the transition hub. She buried her attention in a book, and for a moment she was lost to another place before the world as humans knew ended and everything had changed so much at great odds. She was there, in a heavily populated city filled with arching grey skyscrapers kaleidoscopic towers and bridges to anywhere.
She was on a mission to cure the children of the plague that had spread throughout the cities; "Drink and be purified" Pope Gregory announced over telecom from the Roman Church's steeple, and as the sheep were being prepped for slaughter, the Order had become more than just an obscene deviation, but the pipe dream of the powerful.
She could hear the voice speaking to her from somewhere deep within, after her migraines took over and all around her was white obscene oblivion, the Priest was screaming like a searing bolt of electricity each inflection drove her closer to the center of it all. The story of America before the fall. The strong have remained while the walls and ruined dreams left us rising from the chains and screams to a place where we are nothing but images on screens.
I live in the Citi, once the core of these ancient crumbling towers. There is no crime and you see no one on the streets begging for help. Citi thrusts oxygen into the air and as it exhales the mechanical fumes of madness; it exhumes us through its waste reservoirs. Into a surrealist daze, where the decapitated remains of our machinated minds have performed their daily tasks, we are born. In an elephant graveyard with bones made of steel, and from the stench of toxic gas could one smell the rotting corpses of a future’s history spiraling backwards.
There was a time once when we had more opportunities to change the world we lived in. Then, before the beast had taken over our land and put us to work for it, had we not surrendered our hopes as we had yet trembled before its all-seeing war machine. There was once a time if one when all could make up our own plans and didn't have to slave away just to live for the prayers we hear on the satellite stations. People didn't pray to overcome evils. It was a time so chaotic if it continued the cancer would either destroy people or they’d learn to conquer it. Well in a multi-verse both can become true; so how did these star children confront the biggest event of all time: and relive the beginning of the galaxy’s awakening.

It was a time when things were still somewhat good on the outside yet as we awakened to higher realms the shadows pushed back. We have records of our cities after the fall of nations. Here, the words that have survived all bitter wars in their meager and fragmentary form. The data will be analyzed and the codes re assembled until we really understand how to save Alex Cain. These our secrets. Our secret holy observations and legends of a fireball rising from the center of the moon and slow submission of powerful companies to planes of social order. So that now through electronic records can we decipher all that once had been of the mysterious Citi which appeared at the center of the star and hollowed out the sky.
The plane took off as Molly looked down at the trees, streets, and city lights through the small window. The skyline shore had disappeared.

She whispered to the city as it gradually faded from sight. These machines have carried out tasks no mortal could or would want to. They have crippled lost nations, defeated empires, and brought false peace to the world. Men toil behind the machinery, no longer casualties, but accessories. The scientists who create our machines lead our industries. Our industries lead our world. Former president Barron was supposed to hold the torch and lead truth for possibilities instead oppressed the creative youth and fed then candy apples of bigotry. Their chosen went alone, and yet all would soon turn and cry for their salvation as their masters poisoned the oceans as the earth was remade.
"The only price truth costs is our happiness, and in exchange for it we pay for perfection,” said the Dreamers.
"Men and women are once again equal in the eyes of the military.” Said the order.
The new problem is that earth's population is on a decline; less women were having children, fewer soldiers were out on the battlefields protecting profit and defending the future gains. That was when one man prescribed a solution to this. “Here is a great way to get involved with the future!” The Seventh Master spat into the microphone the prerecorded announcement making its war over the satellites.
“Now, this is a Lesson, though some of you have heard it many times before. In the beginning, God created two separate people to live together in the Garden of Eden. It has been a very long time that men have forgotten to share the fruit of our knowledge with our other half. When the evil has died, our bonds will not be broken. United we are one. We are one! Now I invite our female sisters to come taste of the fruit and rejoice in salvation.”
Meridia was the only place where people like us were left alone. My mother told me that life before the wars was much different, and that it was too hard to explain to a young fourteen-year-old girl. I remember how I would sit in my bedroom and stare out into the rolling waves. I felt a sort of dependency there. This is one of the dreams I had as a little girl. I am standing on the edge of a high mountain ledge, overlooking a vast blue ocean. A warm breeze tousles my hair, and suddenly a voice rises within me. It is as if the voice is singing in whispers, "Goddess of destiny...come back to the stars and shine."
In this unwanted realm of constant flooding and ghetto technology, I was free. Yet, there was always something innately calling to me. I would rebel—it was a faith buried deep down to who I was, calling me to my destiny. The story I am about to tell you is one of searching for meaning in the past and the future of our chaotic impossible universe. This is the story of how I came to find out what my freedom really means to me. It is a story that outcasts and dreamers and revolutionaries remember. It begins on a beautiful day on the Sea-City island of Meridia.

Mara had prepared a feast for the three of us children. We were just getting ready to sit down to eat when suddenly Molly pointed toward the window. She pointed a small finger to where the water pull was.
“The water is bubbling!” Molly said then asked innocently, “Why is it doing that, Momma?”
Before our mother could answer, we saw a dark metal machine rise up out of the small gap in the platform. There was printing on the machine that read: peacekeepers

Through the machine’s window we saw men in dark suits with flashing armbands and helmets. I remember these unfamiliar men as they piled out and barged onto the platform toward the house. They smashed through the glass door and threw stuff on the floor. Then they handcuffed Bobby like a criminal. Then they turned to Mara and started interrogating her about a card that was to be pledged to, the growing economy, and about her failure to participate in the war effort. They looked at her as though she were crazy, that she had no right to have children. They threatened to take us all if she would not comply.
I remember there was a cry and suddenly it was all chaos around me. My sister was screaming as cups were being shattered across the floor. I couldn’t see anyone anymore. The room was consumed in gas. I remember a sudden black fog before I passed out. My brother was gone when I regained consciousness.
It was in the after-math of all these wars that plans of order came to the forefront. The New Foundation was there to protect the people; to enslave them to armies of machines. It was nearly four years after my brother was taken from Meridia, when Mara told us my sister and I needed to go to the continent of what was once known as America.
“How much further do we have to go to get to the nearest gas station?” Molly asked.
“We have six miles to go.”
“When are we going to ever see mommy again?” Molly had asked between sobs.
“Soon,” I would say, “As soon as we can get out of this place.”
I knew inside, and she knew deep down, that there was barely a chance of ever seeing Mara again. No one caught us from the time we left till we made it to the gas station and then I was caught.
“Why, a girl so young away from home? Work for me for a few days, and I’ll forget this ever happened…”
I had to go along and I felt sick. I secretly hoped Molly would wait for me. But every time I kept trying to go out he wouldn’t let me leave. I mixed and poured chemicals and substances into the water. I began operating their new highly technological machines. My mind felt empty all the sudden. I had to get out. The fear of losing my senses had woke me up. I hadn’t known how long I had been there but I knew I had to get out.
I was about to try to find out how to get into one when a car full of teenagers spotted me. They told me to get in the car. I figured that maybe I should, if only to find my sister. So I climbed into the back seat. I got really happy and soon we were laughing and talking together. We were all high, I guess. I fell asleep for a good while and when we stopped again I was awake and feeling nauseous again. I was truly better, they told me, and sure enough I could remember everything.
“It’s the laughter,” they said. “It’s good for the soul.”
I had never heard of a soul before. Mara never talked about souls.
"What is a soul?" I asked. "Oh. It's the reason you're here. Nothing can stop you because of it.” The driver, Hal, said this with such uncanny certainty.
“You mean like the ocean?” I asked him.
“The ocean, well, kind of like the ocean…I guess.” Hal got quiet then and I didn’t feel like asking any more questions.
I had had enough of the candy after that, and when I had a drink of that special water, my sister was all that came into the forefront. "Where is my sister? Does my sister also have a soul? Maybe she escaped. Could she have been caught? Where is my sister?"

After awhile, I got up my courage to ask if they could help me find her.
“Please. Will you help me find her?” They agreed. It took some arguing. Yet, finally they agreed that we would have to find my little sister.
We spent two weeks looking for her. If only I hadn’t been captured, I thought. The one thing that did make us stop was when we reached an unexpected checking area.
“You have to get out, Sarah!”
They said to run or the men would catch me. I didn’t know where to go, and I knew the officers wouldn’t let me escape. They approached on either side of the doors. Hal locked the doors to delay the officers.
"Get out!" He yelled. I finally figured out what he meant.
He meant to climb out through the window. The window was small, but I was able to fit right through. I slid out then with just enough time to sneak away and I ran and ran in the opposite direction. I was running as far as I could get from the hundreds of booths, booths with men, men who would find me. They were men without souls but who were armed with guns; so many chemicals and so many entertaining delusions were made to keep them happy. It was the way the system worked. How did no one see me? I caught a glimpse of what appeared to be a conscious man in the window, yet his eyes were so fixed. His stare was so focused on nothing but a point on the horizon.
The traffic and the noise sent me spinning in circles, and the flashing lights made me nauseous. I could go to the right and follow the line all the way to the end, but would this line ever end? I could follow the left, and I knew less about where that would lead other than darkness and possibly more guards. Where was the end? I kept turning around in circles. Cars were on every side of me soon. I got sick and sweat rolled down my face. The fear had sent me falling to the ground as the world collapsed beneath me in a big jolt. For a while I lay there without sound or light, in between the lines of a never-ending highway. It felt like it was over, but by some strange coincidence or awesome luck I was picked up by Anna the “outlaw” of science.
Anna was helping children just like me. She’d rescue them and hide them in her authorized emergency vehicle which was able to go anywhere. Anna, who had once been a doctor’s assistant, saw me. She had jumped out and quickly grabbed me.
She took me in and put me in the ambulance so fast that not even the guards saw her from that distance. Then she drove me in right through the checkpoint. I was laid on a bench in the back, and when I regained consciousness I saw more benches filled up with people. I found myself with other children. Some of the children looked sick and some looked sad. Was I being rescued again? Soon, many of the children introduced themselves and told their stories of how they got there.
“Where are we going?” I asked.
“Where we can be free, of course.” was Anna’s reply. “A long time ago doctors were free to roam the highways in search to save the sick and dying. All you had to do was press a red button, the ER radar button, and we would be able to find you anywhere. That was when ambulances had all the same rights as the police did. “Save and protect.” That was our motto. Half the roads were blocked off for safety travel. Signals connected to our vehicles, would trace us through the shortcuts to every emergency imaginable. We would come to you.
I felt proud of my work. And really, it was the only way we could have done it. If we didn’t have those roads available, we couldn’t reach anyone in time through the traffic. There isn’t even a point for the safety roads for us anymore. All the doctors have been called to aid the soldiers in our foreign money wars. People are sick everywhere, but there’s no one left to help them. That’s why we are fleeing to The Wasteland.”
“Don’t you have to stay here and help all those people you were talking about?”
“Even if we tried, there is no chance,” she replied. “The roads have been blocked off from us since we were called away years ago. Let’s just hope our New Foundation can help itself.”
New Foundation? What kind of a foundation was this world built on? If nothing else, I knew we had to find my sister in The Wasteland. I was going to The Wasteland to find my sister at last. If this was the only place left we could go, then no matter what we were going to find her; if my sister knew it too, she would be trying just as hard as me to get there, to find me…as least I hoped.
“How big is The Wasteland?” I asked. Anna didn't reply and so I figured she didn’t know.
The thought of finding my sister brought new hope and life back into me. I was feeling less nauseous. I was lucky. My brother, Bobby, was not so lucky. Maybe I’d find him someday too. I had been thinking about my brother a lot. He could be lost by now. But the thought almost ripped out my insides. I had to be calm and be happy to be stay alive now. I had to blend and I had to pretend. When you lose hope, you lose all chance of survival; hope is what keeps you alive and keeps you struggling to do what is right. As long as I knew I had a chance, I could keep myself alive.

The world would never have my confession. I was fleeing, escaping with souls who also would never give up. We had reached a resting area where we had found a safe place to park. Anna told us that at last we were allowed to run. We ran around these long-deserted fields, feeling so much liveliness and happiness. It had been three months since I had been outside. The air seemed clear and perfect. This was a small taste of paradise! We ran in our bare feet as far as we could go. Anna never called us back, so we kept going. The ocean was becoming faintly alive in me. We kept running. It was as if God had decided to greet us and I think God also was hoping we’d find what we did. At first, I thought it was the ocean. I was so excited.
“It’s the sea!” I cried out. As we came to the bank we cried out for joy while Jess, who was the boy I loved, picked me up and swung me around in his arms. “Listen up my fellow citizens and welcome to paradise; really, it’s the best thing you could ever dream of. Look into the future!” Jess yelled out. Then he grabbed me.
Before I knew it I was being drenched underneath the water with Jess. When I stood up in the water, Jess looked at me with those big brown eyes shaded by streams of red hair. We swam until we all had to come in before we would get sick. Everything was fine, we thought, until we reached the ambulance.
Inside, someone was crying. We found Laura and she’d hurt her leg really badly, and passed out.
It was Anna who was crying because she had sold all her leftover supplies to get food for everyone. Laura’s knee was bleeding really badly. Everyone was scared and didn’t know what to do. We were going to have to go back to a station to get supplies for Laura. It was so dark outside and the sight of the place sent me shaking. This time I knew I was ready to throw up. Jess tried to comfort me, but I could see the fear in his eyes. Anna looked back at us then and said, “Remember. No matter what happens we will always be together. You are my family, after-all, and nothing will tear us apart.” She got out and ran to the gas station while Laura was lying half unconscious and really pale. I wondered why it was taking so long.
Someone said, “They are probably questioning her about needing bandages at so late at night and why she wasn’t at home with her children.”
“They could be arresting her,” another kid said. “Maybe they know she escaped the war.”
Nobody said a word after that. Even after it was said, the words echoed in the engine. Finally, the silence broke but not by Anna.
“Please get out of the ambulance! All passengers are under arrest for trespassing and violation of safety codes. Get out now and no one will get hurt!”
No one moved a muscle. We were all so scared. What now? We can’t die, I thought. I ran up and opened the doors. One girl cried out, “Why, Sarah!?” Suddenly, streams of men came charging in with electric clubs. The men were shouting, “Cooperate or suffer!”
I ran before they cuffed my friends’ hands and pulled them away from each other. They were told not to speak and were threatened with weapons. I spun and dodged and kicked. “I screamed as I ran, “I’m sorry Jess! I’m so sorry. I didn’t want anyone to get hurt!”
I couldn’t say goodbye to Jess but I saw a longing in his eyes. A tear rolled down his cheek. Then I was caught off guard as a tall man lumbered towards me. I couldn’t think of anything else to do, so I kicked the man right where it hurts most. Then I ran. I was running with the rush of the ocean waves crashing behind me.
The cars were zipping by as the men chased me. They could never catch me. I had life inside of me. I had visions of sunlight and sand, not dark streets and flashing lights. Not of screaming headlights and honking horns and angry voices yelling into your ears. Not machines, sending fear to the very insides of you. Beware of us! We are mad! That was their language. That was the language of the new foundation.
Then a car came up to the side of the road and a man yelled out the window to “Get in!” I hurried up, and the men were so close behind me. I was fast enough to make it right as the stranger was forced to slam the door of a big cargo truck before he swerved to the right. All the police cars were gathering around on us.
We sped forward zooming as fast as we could, stalked by our predators like fresh meat. “Who are you? Little Girl?” He asked me. The police could keep pace it would be impossible for them to reach us in the moving traffic. "I'm Sarah,” I said. “I have to get my sister.”

"Why? Is she lost?" I felt like I had so much to explain with so little time. “Because everyone is!” I yelled as we quickly swerved to the left and again to the right. We sped up fast and looked like all was clear, then the man slammed on his breaks. All the lanes were filled with police vehicles.
We looked up to realize the police cars had surrounded us and the men were getting out. I climbed on the back of the truck through the window and yelled in fear. I felt a jerk when suddenly everything was moving again. The police force had gotten back into their cars…but why? It took me a minute before I realized the truth. They were going to crush me.
The traffic would start again and all I knew was I had to jump. With the slight movement I braced myself; the angry driver sped in all directions trying to get me away. I stood level and then I leaped as hard as I could to the destination. I was flying, and then I was landing. I landed on the back of black truck this time. Then it sped up so fast that there was no possible way for me to jump off. It went like this a good long time until the traffic stopped and the man yelled out.
“Do you want me to help you?”
He asked as he drove down the winding road and when we reached the end, I saw the letters reflecting my worst nightmare coming to life.
There they stood. These were the people who did this to me and to my family. Then doors closing were behind us as we drove through the gated entrance.
“Welcome to the Wasteland,” my captor said as he smiled.
We were greeted by people in blue scrubs.
“What do we have here? Hmm. She looks bright enough. What is the trouble with her?”
“She tried to run away, numerous times, and I can’t watch her anymore. She also…” He whispered into the old guy’s ear and I thought he said said family. I screamed and then suddenly someone put something on my eyes, everything was darkness and oblivion.
“You are not blind, child, you are free and happy. Now come with me to a beautiful world…” The voice began lulling me into a virtual dream and a virtual world. There was nothing but blinding white lights covering the walls and the floor and the ceiling and every time I blinked out of the dream, I felt pain. I only felt pain.
“We can see you and we know everything about you,” a voice said from the walls. “We can see all your memories, and we can make you live them as if they were your own. We can take you on a journey that will never ever end. Let's play the game pretend!"
I began to feel my stomach turning in on itself.
"You can live forever, or you will think you can when you join us. No, we’re not all trapped like you are. But you are a failure. You are garbage. You are lucky to be given such paradise in America’s New Foundation. You get happiness and paradise. It’s all you ever dreamed of and more. Don’t be mad, get glad! Don’t be sad, be happy!” The booming voice came from everywhere and it wouldn’t go away. I wanted it to stop but I was afraid to show them that I was resisting.

“Are you sure about that? This one still has light in her eyes.”
I tried to understand. When I opened my eyes and saw that I was still inside I felt true despair for the first time in my life. Then I jumped off into the space even despite my fear. It was emptiness and darkness.
I knew I would remain floating the dark space forever. But then I began to hear words. They were mocking words of others who could see me. They told me it was my stupidity that brought me to that place: it was my foolishness and failure to cooperate. I told them I wasn’t theirs to control. I told them that the war was over. Then I screamed, “I am not yours to control!”
Red light filled the darkness, then colors. I felt myself regaining consciousness as faith and hope returned once more. The voices turned into nothingness. “Oh no!” I moaned…I woke up and saw people looking down from over me. Then I looked down and saw blood all over my stomach. At my side stood my friends and at my right stood my sister, Molly. My eyes got really wide as Molly simply nodded.

"Maybe the dreams we forget upon waking."
The deadly storm was close as Samantha waited for everything to change. Adam was using the breathalyzer machine; he was drunk and having too much fun with the "end of the world" to think the situation was real, or even mind.

Samantha found the last two humans left in the airport; they were staring calmly into the windows shaking from impending doom. The socialists may have outlived the war and the super virus, but could not outlast the damage done to the air and sea; what was left of America, the souls of us spinning and flying. The hurricanes were going to finish the job for us and what was left of Europe.
“Are you sure about that? This one still has light in her eyes.”
I tried to understand. When I opened my eyes and saw that I was still inside I felt true despair for the first time in my life. Then I jumped off into the space even despite my fear. It was emptiness and darkness. I knew I would remain floating the dark space forever.
I began to hear words. They were mocking words of others who could see me. They told me it was my stupidity that brought me to that place: it was my foolishness and failure to cooperate. I told them I wasn’t theirs to control. I told them that the war was over. Then I screamed, “I am not yours to control!”
“Are the dreams we forget upon waking real?”
They didn’t know how Sarah found her brother and pulled him from the wreckage of the wasteland. We do know that the soldiers saved the city on the sea. That a leader was born who was made into a weapon and then became like God. That the beast sleeps under the city and he is in love with the world we know. That the future does not end with an explosion and that there is a plan for all of us, we just don’t see it until we can blink and open our eyes; somehow different from the big empty universe, we could occupy this vacancy.

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