Wednesday, January 31, 2018

A Wall for Us All

I don’t know what 
to do with it anymore
Those little expectations
you were ready for
 anything that might come
Its my first day away 
from here where
the patient ones who can still afford time
wait to say goodbye, and you are a
friend of mine; In a little while I’m not
there I’m undressed like a fool in love
the one you loved most who got left
behind I’ve lost my mind

You committed the right crimes; they said
ghost when you needed them the most
the room was closing me in chemicals and
doom, I’m headed down the mountain
Full of tangles I'll go far off take a plane
and run away from this terrible place this
house filled with pain

Going to Canada I'll run until my feet
burn in Mexican Summers and score
In a shopping mall parking lot I’m lost
I’m not going crazy I’m here waiting for you
to come to the center of it all; over a bridge
I dream just walk over forgotten tragedies
I’m trying a lot and I’m sure there’s plenty
I forgot for him so feel better now that you know
how much I love you

because I don’t have you anymore I’m sorry
if that’s the reason why you don’t
want me to come back to this place
Words rewritten by enemies
stars fall like gravity from space
and I am not here anywhere just
doomed to fall forever anymore

It's all we were made to work for
Big plans in a distance and a great
Century’s Families resistor were you good
Did you do all that you should for her
To live a virtual life bright over the screens
But did any of it mean a thing to me?
I have been being told that it was wrong
To feel this way in a never-ending game
Sick red smoke against black oceans

America is cracking like libertine strong
This flag we love; looks so proud now
looking for some money and then we’re
choking on emotions like this one
Are we going to be forgiven out loud
the ones who documented our past for a
congress of dreamers in the last year's
crowned conspiracy where the winners
were losers; naked and bruised
whispering questions in prose

Here I will remain a silent star that
I made my every wish on
just so bad that I just wanted
To know if all of it was real so

I believed everything would last and that
God looked past my broken mind
don’t give up on medication scripts
I have no one left anymore to rely on
There is nothing there to be there for
you and all my friends that come through
this way was upside down

Now they are gone
inside I had made it all good somehow
to admit beside you in those hollow
between two truths obscured
I’ll rewrite my own name on the walls
my past more than a disease
is finished parody of disorder insane
Some of us were removed by name
with unholy divination; confused
invocations this night I swear
by then I will be deified for the coming
I’ll wear my disguise cheerleading
tomorrow’s highway suicide

tied to a chair laughing out loud as
If we were still coming there
as I guided the blind to a cloud
with my faith in man kind
looking forward to overcoming the
fear and be fierce and rising
from what insanity this time
toward the engineering team and
A great place to claim; to land on
I can’t replace their blames for
all of them are the same damn thing and
the voice of her name was ringing in the air
ringing and ringing and driving them on
Bell : they heard it loud and clearly
he was the one to tell you

hell in the end did he even care.
You are my sunshine my only sunshine
the telephone rang; like a canon
he stood like the devil's advocate high
up against the framework of a billion lies
of the house on a shaken
shadows across the playgrounds; as if that
was where my body would never be found.

Reaching the top he enters the center
and the mystery will expand into censor
the words of creation in my head
dark memories of hidden cameras
and hidden powers I made
Stepping further in my brave sky
replaces fear and I am not a victim
I’m being beaten by the game changers
for their true words could only be erased
As if who they were could not remember
The outline of your hand in mine
the one who tossed the pill bottles
out the windows.

for Spies who had hope and dope for the
shaking; I looked up like an anarchist
To where my life had gone

to see you smiling at my prophecies
How could we endure from optional solutions
tears now no longer divine;
polluted minds the dark assassin mind that crazy
nightmare her eyes trained on
to the screen as the whispers
faded and moments blurred you into me
as he watched me swallow the
view with pills

The Prozac in a medicated
instance written memos
of this that and maybe
I read your words until they
could not mean anything
than one who came back
for revenge and won
what I feel I know

You were in the cell trapped there
below the son and his fathers estate
so then who was there to end the lies
To say goodnight and say goodbyes
We are real again, the girl can see us all
coming to once more before it
breaking for more to come up for
And somehow he was overcome by
a girl who came into the picture contrast
And assist in the framework of a master
Of a borderline genius and finally
bound by the archetypes

he slept surrounded by machinations
Of her advice about everything unseen
loved by everyone in an unclean garden
and so they slept with her advice forgotten
like they’d forget to close the back door

but the whispers might haunt them
all the struggles and your mouth wide
well that’s not an issue, cyanide
I am not even lost I am just a friend
in love. it was your suicide

You are bad and on the wrong side
you kneel to pray to before, the people
we turned you into a perfect disaster
into a hellion for one too man bastards
after the end when he was happy
as they created my own escape the pain
this world ignored this last part
with everyone tired of false start

who ever had a voice or could say anything
that was being drowned out here
by someone else's and loud screaming
under artificial light; shaking on the mountain
to a static white noise all I want to do
I want to get away from this heavy
sky full of bizarre triangles
ringing the doors

they have stripped the houses bare
I’m nothing but a little bit better than you
Did they care that they were going to hell
The hill was not supposed
to be there at all
Oh well there’s nothing really there
anymore just another day
For the wall.

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