Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Reckless Lovers

the ruins of your plans flurry in a paper revolution
across the horizon rising on a borderline sky
between what was real and every other lie
like the days that turned your skin so white
a perpetual automation, life like solution
on a back lit black-light chimeric display.
Burning like fireflies which burned so bright
as these saccharine dreams are sucked away
right, like the parasites watched them drained
for an array of prescriptions for various addictions
as each new addition to the list can be relayed
with a starry follower, for the anonymous anarchist
who never had much to live for.
I'm staring at you because I can hear them
I turned away, the birds fly in perfect formation
in the shape of a heart, inertia creeps
I've come back to haunt you as you sleep
I guess I was one who knew the secrets were about
the stranger, I'm on the hunt for a serial cannibal
who can find a center in me, turn me inside out
you need to come loaded...prepared for war.
I will shake you down to real thing you were
all around me, in a spinning circus of coward clowns
but you don't know how I feel
because you can't feel this as we all come down
the perfect circle spinning your insides
until the colors in your brain
I wrote all of your dreams down beside you
while you were a daydream intoxication
so that when you woke up you could know
that nothing was a fabrication
as those nightmares creep up onto you
when you don't know what I can do
Because I can love you
and this love is killing me
She wrote verses of tomorrow it will rain
winter is a fever that bursts
and it'll all be OK, as the drowning began
again and again she screamed from the bottom
of an alcohol autumn backwards backwoods
river, and nobody could hear her scream
the screen was static, as I made love
to the boy with brown eyes singing
lullabies between drums between pastel kingdoms
as the lullabies turned to mantras
against a black cold CIA night like a knife
in the back of America, the revolution
drugged up on pills in America's institutions.

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