Tuesday, January 2, 2018


Sit still, let the lights bore in
be a child-like pet, so illiterate
take the pills and wash them down
turn that smile into a frown
wear the gown, let the smile wear out
don't need to shout, be shy not coy
you have no scars on your wrists
you don't need to be a little boy
take some medicine
slowly shuffle in repetition
pretty soon the stars will shine
you'll feel so divine
no reason to cry
and escape; to suicide
the pain will subside
and you'll die inside
when the colors betray you
know that I won't disobey you
when the darkness starts to cull
make sure that he is full
sit still, let the nights wear on
be quiet, memories in repetition
don't dream, at peace in this submission
our hopes and fears are their attraction
a momentary distraction
from the things we want you to think
from the things we want you to see
from all the places you've never gone
and there you won't ever be
this therapy
the medicine
is it wrong
for the bipolar patient
this is for you this was not for you
just because
there's nothing we can do
there's nothing we can do for her
she's a lost cause
we made her into this
just a schizophrenic
what a x whore x
we made her so obscure
don't need her tears
what were they for?
though the scars from war
haven't disappeared
the engineering has been complete
she's all we feared in fact
She's not even here

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