Monday, January 1, 2018


demystify reality

between breathing I listen
For the euphony resounding
You're my confidence
Conditional acceptance
Exalting dark alterations
In tremolo palpitations
where my smile is sown
and dreams unbound

I taste the excitement
under exalted torture 

I am tortured by 

your departure 

your disappearing imagery
a melody surrounding everyone
swinging me violently
Between a confused resistance
And a fatal attraction
of opposite polarities
in a bipolar nation

Your breakdown is imminent
upon contingent occurrences

but we're coming undone

the fight has just begun
I cannot deprive you of your desires
As a jealousy infused
on empires that we abused
when laughter resounds

when no one is around to corrupt
without any reason
to make me feel alone
I follow this terrible path
with my hands tied behind my back

I feel ill, I see shadows in the mirror

She clutches close her remembrances

She wants to vanish, to disappear

into a "perfect" fantasy, crystal clear

tears on the note
on the dresser beside her 
a whisper

where he'd buried himself deep in her embrace

when it rained it always stormed
She carries him over the sea

across galaxies; and she loves him

forever and infinitely

my love was a monster

I can hear him in the walls

I can taste the salt of violence

stinging on my tongue

as it all starts to come undone.

Don't you understand?

There's no love in madness

no darkness in this land,

no bruises, no demons,

and no evil men.

let's sleep the bad memories off
drown out our miseries in rock n roll

drink tequilas and vodka at sunrise
on the boardwalk near 

that cheap hotel
and see the world for what it is
For what it was  'We never talk' I try to say
as the nightmare pulls me far away
but the fantasies fade upon my discovery

and I wonder why I spent

so much of my life learning to wake up
because the dreams are becoming more real

and the nightmares to pretend
when I'm dreaming; it is so easy to be free
as I'm sleeping--and wonder
should this dream really end
without me...

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