Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Nocturnal Lullabies

Breaking free from captivity
Another day for me
To see the sky

I have been forgotten
in the dark wasteland
through fields of lost city lights
a bright century I have known.

The sky is an infinite explosion
I worshipped the meteors all night
and scar tissue when I cut you out
breathing my last breath
Suffocating my doubt.

Searching for an escape from
This terrible century
and existence was the answer
not false histories and rape
like the Queen of everything
I’m fighting the temptation
To hate.

He will come back with his weaponry
the storm will pass and I will be free
I am the High Priestess
I know the only way out of here
I will show them a war
A hell thats hotter than you.

Now that he is under my spell
I will dominate this kingdom
within the epileptic mind of a demon
He will keep dancing for no one
In the race to conquer fear.

Please don't issue apologies
for the pain you caused me
you can't be won over
by reprieve from your robed marquis
you're guilty of your lust.

It’s a blind coffer underneath
bound in a series of episodes
A snake in the weeds
and in your silence is harmonic
and this is ironic
but I don't want to smile anymore
Not for the aperture she
Put over my eyes for this chrome

As the night grows ill
I know I wont feel numb
The area has been cleared
A new world order has gone
the engineers have all disappeared
one by one to their doom
It was more fun when
The flowers bloomed.

I'm no crowning spoil
For a plastic resistance
he meant nothing to you believe me
in a backwards reality
We are forced lobotomies
They took your faith and tried
Nothings left I lied
The great champion of secrets

As the night goes dull
I show him the knife in my nightmare
the one he was meant to kill me with
in another reality that doesnt exist
because we are at war with one another
with the war lords who murder
angels like us in our sleep
and make us into the stars they worship
as the shadows creep around
under our skin and we don't die
From paramour music in
The sky.

As the sun is a giant clock in the cloud
and he doesn't want to talk about it
he just sits there as the noose is tied
staring at the nothing and I can't stand do
give him the answer to the question
because to him everything is a lie
and everything I am
meant nothing to my friends
But why was the sky so white
I am worrying that they don't know
Things I can't hide.

Take this collar and chain
now you can feel me again
promise that you won't be impaired
when I bind you; must be prepared to
be brave, and don't try to run
it was just a dream behave son
you can worship me or just say your prayers
I hope your not shaking

please don't be scared of the number one
don't impress me, just don't address me
or express more than an apology

I watch your every move
every curve and every place I can retrace
once your body adjusted to my sight
and I am just playing a game
and I opened my eyes today
just to watch the clouds float away
But today I'm ok today

I'm ready

If you were more than a memory
you were not just any one
not a true rebellion
you were my adoration
a doll I could dress up like my friends
and repair; wipe off the tears
and pretend to care.

Don't close your eyes; guy
I won't be bothered by the cries
you won't deny me; alibi
nor can you defy me with a holy lie
I am bound by only what I am
I am beautiful, you know it, damn
I am showing you all that I see
the world is capable of me
and nothing can be anything
When you can be.

You were everything to me.
So much stronger
than you were a danger
I can't change the things you feel today
in his arms I feel strange
free of all the pain and harm
I hear the sound of the alarms
And I want to run away forever

There is a siren in the light
she is bright
sings me to sleep
Fight or fly
Planes so high

I'm not a creep
I hear the wind in my sleep
and the sound of winter; don't deny them
I've been through a lot of stormy weather
There was a dream unbroken where
vows were unspoken and
emotional promises made
delicate to remarry in the brigade
too hard to unwind like
dancing like hysteria like the sky
Like andromeda

and we whisper to the sound
of love in her nightmares
and we sleep to the sound of
affairs that didn't really matter
things that were everything
But they weren't aware
and nobody cared

it never really seemed to make sense
we were everywhere
playing defense
but then nothing to anyone was right

It's an obsession with tragedy
swallow it down
I'm such an empty girl
with all my vanity
so swallow it down
You don't even know me
You wanted everything
But I gave it all away
to dirty pretty madness
to everything you say
It's just a chemical addiction
I don't need to scream to be listened to
I won't mess things up
like you thought I'd do
Now I'm low
My father thinks I'm still schizo
Though she tries, she can't read my ind,
are we all jaded and colorblind?
I put the song on repeat
My mind is in     overdrive
The chemicals between us
are keeping us alive
But I won't swallow
like a whore
Cause I let you through you'll only
want more I wanted everything
the chemical cure
I wanted everything
now everything's obscure.

Just stay quiet until we riot at night
as if defending each scar
or scribbles of war on a train car
just searching in each other
for something that was
right there.

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