Monday, January 1, 2018

Great Distractions

Great Distractions

I alone show you the truth in what I see
The party of actresses won’t be found
In this kingdom of artists who sound
Like idiots with nothing to offer but a
Lonely delusion and a bloody coffin.
I forgot how the beatings impaired his judgement
and contained a wish behind his dark stare
wondering whose side they were on and where
they came from as it begins fading into nothingness
the sun shining persisting life.

When sad people split the atoms from
hemispheres of a perfect brainless mind
Those simple solutions to emotional pain
Became far too complex to replace again
too macro-cosmic to retrace
alone; to testify and to contain
In a forbidden country with no one
Showing all that god hidden within
The dreams that simply sing
the geometric nature of an anomaly
My home an unknown place;
Graced by isolated epiphanies.

The love that made our disorders feel
beyond awakening to moving places
this exploding solar system is not real
To push our own universe back to start
You put the past before your heart your
her own chaotic enemy

For in their bravest days were free.
feeling betrayed by the armies of war
Nations we scribbled dreams on beside
bookmarks and napoleonic aspirations
On secret corners of this land of big plans
She saw them changing their normality
To tear at these creations; blood spilled
from their pens to her material evocations

He found Love between soles and souls and yet could
not console her the rage she felt for a future she
had only imagined in her head was dead before
she woke from bed sighing and staring at the
words on the page; she couldn’t aggravate
the truth with her monotonous desire still
the flames in her love for him could inspire

Destiny; was she unaware that he was enlightened
by those who could see his fierce patterns in the sky;
if only he could see me
for the infinite lie; a complete waste of time.
I always was aware that my heart just wasn’t there;
it was a fantastic fantasy to their wishes own demise
like the nemesis of Hercules I must have been the Anti-Christ.

This new existence we have been seeing
under our eyelids as we sleep
awoke something inside us stirring
us deep below this ringing inception
Super men, the callous they swear when
those deviations- start to appear
between the bars; her happiness distant and
dancing to infinite moments of revelation.

because to her there is something more
she had humored this notion before
Now more than ever there was a chance
this might be a power at a glance
but we can’t fight ; righteous or right they
could not shield us from our glory
the ones who write much different stories.

He turned me inside out from
attack he looked at an embassy of smoke for they
had burned down our divine hope
If they only knew we could never turn back.

That maybe dreams had a way to
them; I called this one my destiny ;
simulating relativism
in a realm of constant mystery.

The assassins of our future learned
destruction from their teachers
to what ends we may never know
How we came so close to losing it all

You assumed your machines were better than
the rest but we are the heroes no less
than the echo of each fiber of light
He was the best and she was the greatest
This world that never ends only makes
itself complete when the way is perfect
and lovers meet hold hands never
give up and don’t accept defeat.

Hawks fly over head and they condemn
those chains that bind us: charlatan
with my imagination so free and mind
that made no sense to the census yeah
a colorful pin wheel, a morning bell ringing
an unheard canon never read
in the Bible on a window sill where shadows are creeping.

So then it fits he's folding a paper plane
The plane is sailing across the sky
The pictures don’t match up balls up fist
and these eyes that undermine
We rekindled misery from
a borderline mind
Did not turn from foreign enemies
behind a veil, that it was not over
And the night was still
She started wondering about the bills.

Death as nocturnal as the lovers meeting
who made impossible love through fractured
hopes fleeing few from the walls to close in
and around with all this energy but that
strange sound that liberty
Your life is as real as my own you believed
that this machine was the one and
all of you were wrong but I just played along.

They began to seek the powerful lie
With empires of diamond stacking high
the mysteries that became occult
For who might win this awful game
Would be the same and live again.

they watched her trembling to the mask
before an empire; giving thanks
to a foundation to blame the same
without a noble name or proof to prosper
that were all sort of the same monster
Staring at each strange perception
In the eyes of immortal deception

We realized that we were all just climbing
mountains too tall to reach and there was
nothing left to obtain for all those delicate
emotions and permanent devotions were
washed out by the rain right into the ocean.

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