Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Beautiful Revolution

Let the king cry for mercy in dark times
For the soul of our fathers denied
as the Gods who slept in magnolia fields 
To her ghost they turn and pray. 
To the wars atop the hill, 
Prophet or Gail

Predict the next catastrophe 
To this soldier, our prophecy 
From this sign of bigotry
Every dreamer rises of hope
Save our freedom, feather'd king; 
Keep us harbored neath' thy wing.

We see the Pope praise the flag raised high,
Defy the laws of an insane order, why
Be the champion, salvation's alibi
Let the dead remain bearing witness to their lies.
And that light that showed born of mystery
That unbreakable memory

Known all too well by an imperfect mind, 
Like the earth we colorblind.
Here where our words pure oceans bled: 
Suffer quick, the sleep of forgetting; goodnight 
The fire within that seethes with fury,
Who loves his twin, a frozen century.

Both yearned for love, and learned to hate 
The revenge of a ruined heir's estate; 
And so they learned to recreate the destiny
of a confusing reality.

Explosions swept up into the skies; 
The crooked knelt with burnt out eyes, 
'Twixt this rare affection, terrible scheme: 
They rarely knew, a poor man's dream. 
Braided from the tale of a wealthy occupant  
A man's hopeful generation would rise
Shining in the world's eyes: free to exist
in this eternal resistance.

The troop had an offspring of momentum, 
Their embrace, knew one distinction,
Unified, their love divine would overcome
Free and sol' begotten son.

Sin, affected by its beauty, within her skin
Watched the universe torn entirely apart
To bridge the farthest widening in time, 
And music saved her soul: sublime; 
Oh, the beasts are shouting
at the clouds
    I know that you wanted love
from the gravity of spaces
stop blocking out the light

And so I give you all of my heart
That nature now could play this harp
Of songs of laughter, tears of Joy
Now seeing truth in a secret place
missionary position

Beautiful revolution

The rare beauty of justice overcame me
as the world danced in suspended animation
Beneath this ocean, love had won his
name, a devotee of the bittersweet
tragedy, a dying race
This is only the beginning.

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