Friday, December 1, 2017


his lips cracked, he never smiled
a soft shooting star, moon divine
the humming began
immobile ghosts start circling

the pain is breaking me into pieces
bite sized to be swallowed easily

like theories and false memories
the stars start sparkling
a hollow earth full of imaginations
a dark chemistry

ruling a conspiracy of equations
a scary dream on the meridians
of a bright mountain between us

a zombie on the televsion

a bright display for the machine
archetypal being

being someone is so hard
being free to be unclean
bowing before you
serving your curiosity
a godless queen of nothing

digging and digging
theories rambling like weeds
preachers craving a fall
lay the rosary across my breasts
make love to my fears
like blood on autumn leaves
falling beliefs

a breathless fire
lighting the night
a racing heart
a worthless symmetry
a wasted energy
a lost traveler wandering slowly into the dusky dawn
trapped in a cage
full of passion and vague 

pages of smeared memories
pills for conditions that we don't understand
hypotheses for many things

bright flashing lights
blinding mindless parasites
slowly sliding away
terrorized by misery
and mysteriously
going backwards to fight bright waves of light
this is so wrong
it doesn't feel right.

immovable conditions
immortal renditions
a lifeline of submissions
to die and explode

reborn a holocaust
a dance in a diagram
a dumb rebel

the moon is dead
my heart is cracking
words no longer said
unspoken passing words
you're blacking out
my heart is cursed
my world is a universe
a million people running fast
in reverse

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