Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Massive Attack

I've gotten used to the taste of salt between my lips
the loss of control over everything
the lack of answers and fleeting memories
my body has become an impossible reality
you invade me with your magnetic kisses
and make me bleed with your fingertips

I opened the hidden doorway with the skeleton key
life is a merry-go-round from somewhere before me
I wanted to show you all that I could do with my soul
as you wrote poems on seashells about suicidal control
I recall your figure sketched onto pages of white
invincible together, and opposite worlds who might
have loved electrically, within the same institution
voices echoing parallel dreams in a broken reality.

You drew your name on every girl's breast
then made love to me in memory of the one
who was always the best, undressed
I've gotten used to the sting of curses in my mouth
I try not to get upset and cause inflammation
with the soles of his stolen soul; I try to put myself
in the shoes of a nation, but one never calculates
all the in between places, all the miserable faces
trapped behind a plastic existence when still
I am the resistance.

I watch your cultivation of an empire of ideas
theories and predictions, smoking guns and revelations
a circular snow globe or a pyramid scheme we can't climb
a riot or a perfect disaster, conspiracies or war on your mind
America, she rises like the infinite sun and sings for freedom
America, she is the redemption of glory, a heroic existence.
And so like Jezebel, I made love to a million things
But that one thing, that one thing I was missing
I see a toxic cultivation as it grows in rapid excitation
They write their names for their prescription ills
I am your will; I alone was your compromise

I am the promised land upon which you stand
free: golden and shining; liberal dream of paradise
I am all that it is worth; this beautiful sacrifice.

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