Wednesday, December 6, 2017


an oracular vision
of syndromes
the synonym of a symptom
divine and shattered
as if the sickness matters

she is stumbling in tattered shoes
her robes moth eaten and bruised
her dreams careful iterations
of liberal temptations
a world full of glory
powerful stories

We have God now
wrapped around your crown
like a clown he sneers
the ocean disappearing
in your golden gown
raped in the blood poppies
for earth we had found

a world upside down
under the earth
his soul a shattered pyramid
my life a dream of books 
memories of shattered pieces
of things.

Going to the ground
we're all going to the ground
this emptiness I found
never making sound

I made it up for you
the truth of the entire fictional dilemma 
a tragic irony
all this magical chemistry
makes me feel I could believe
in dopamine and electricity

make your assumption
of the reason we were lit up
on the period tables
going in circles for no reasons
we were able to justify
the truth was leading
me down a path
of poems and rocky roads

death like a hand
I don't understand
anymore I am not a whore

Truth is deception
God is laughing
as the rolling hills 
the beautiful scars of yesterday
where is my sunshine
don't take away the skyline

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