Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Split Screens

Split Screens

She's a criminal to lie; a criminal to a lie
her dreams radiate, in the distances
a dark battle cry is heard; we're separated
she molded peace into her bright soul
and turned her daughter into a monarch butterfly
her lover into a fire that will never die

into a crane that stretches infinitely  
but everyone's worried she'll slip away
Like Mary did from Galilee
Did you know that she can change?
Everything is about to change today.

Men in white send us into fits and shivers
bruised memories and pills for the whispers
they're subduing the reckless, rehearsed
they said you're next, we're the cursed

They say there's a war for your mind
they salute to their holy ghosts sublime
taking secret solutions for the noise pollution
exposing all the calculations to the demolition
inspired by the intoxicating light
they're translating statistics for the right

Pointing at each other targeting with hate
but we're hiding in the shadows; hopes and dreams
learning to be separate, lacking debate
from those with the dope head schemes
Learning to hate ourselves for believing
We will all fall into the divine paradigm
and forget your only holy son

Mary Mary am I the only one?

If I told you I dreamed up the future
in one feverish night
and a key fell from the heavens
that every night I dream of tomorrow
would you believe me 
or was it all a make believe reality

They are the masters of lies
they have many devices to distract me
would I be the coward to let them in
to follow their advice and cave
under those neon alkaline lights
behind soundless walls reborn
vagabonds fighting a war torn world
to the windless door forward
but none of them can see me
and Jesus is hanging from a tree

while she stares through me
she is still hearing the ghosts who knew me
their voices full of humming
as they sleep in her nightmares thundering
she wants to save them all from winter
But she can't even save herself from those shivers
those damn cold shivers
from the endless falling between time
from the beast in the mirror
and that impossible crime.

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