Wednesday, November 29, 2017



You said you wanted peace; but you were satanic
You said you had scars,  I'm a schizophrenic
from a bizarre past; we go to sleep
as the radio turns to static; we erased 
the serotonin at last.

The madness was a war they waged 
I'm not your nemesis; I know the truth
they tried to un-glue me from you
a bridge between two worlds apart, 
the line that was drawn
over your plastic heart.

You sleepwalk your imperfections, my nightmares
were a deceptive work of art, my dreams
were your double agent
but the click click clicking of that
hacking on the keyboard is driving me insane
and the machines are creating
new realities full of possibilities
that they're policing

And I'm trapped like an impostor
in a broken institution
for conditions of deception; instructed by the
machinations who rule over this nation
this fabrication; obsolete solutions,
poetry could not describe
what it is like to have something so small
break into theories.

This was not a war to celebrate; so dress up
your psychic whores and demonstrate
you could not relate to me
the dissonance between your mind and your 
new reality; as I create better memories.
I'm tired of being quiet; here alone

In this mentally ill empire  
in the corner on this empiracle design
still so full of white-ness, this bright doom
you said you wanted peace 
then swept off your grime
as you washed it down with a pill
you were quietly happy; I was numb and still

I was the hyperdrive; the key you turned
but I could not rename you; couldn't keep you alive
you were secretly smiling at me as everything
came down to the blood in my veins
and a hospital gown, immortally maintained
simply exhausted by the ringing in my head
the papers they burned instead
of answering questions.

Thinking there's a way out this time
wishing that this nightmare
would turn into something less archaic
I wanted to make it all better
and feeling with conviction under their
smoking gun crimes
that my delusions were desires
and dreams were a gateway
some kind of escape; to go
someplace free, something 
that I selfishly believed
as you whispered to me 
between the wires; I'll be there
no longer feeling like I was powerless.

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