Wednesday, November 29, 2017


Dear Sarah

when you shook off the stark snow of saturdays
your little brother smiled with a sun in his eyes
and dreamed of happier truths and daisy-chains
You were invincible, with powers so magical
Did you also know, that you are amazing as the sky
a green emerald in a sea of satellites, wandering above
Perhaps if only they saw your visionary realms
And if it shook you to tear through--as you hid in a secret grove
wondering about the magnetism of electricity
knowing that you are loved through
the letters of impossible actors and actresses
It shook me too, you are invincible in that angelic spring
Your bright blue bird wings, shook their feathers
and flew, to an expansive world of all the seen
where great inspirations grew from you
Remember, those wintery days of such sweetness
when blackberries fell into your hands
And April reminded her the will to understand
the golden fields of sand, a sunflower dream
With expressions to paint across the moon
A prism of beauty, rainbows reminder of heaven.

Songs to Kingston Come

My dreams have taken on new shapes
Premonitions if only theories
New effigies of mystery
and premeditated murder.

Last night I was back at his house
He never lets me go, until midnight birds call
I'm the server to his harbored whores
Lady Liberty in chains.

Screams courage between the sheets
And his emotional spouses, bipolar rape
That strange hatred tearing pages
From my sketch of future embraces
My parables of prophecy and races.

Love is like this--she says--she has
His unborn moon, dangling from her
like a talisman from her fingers
his hand measuring, lingers
brutally....over everything.

She's weeping bitterly,
they'll reap her words remaining
like fields of flame, naming
her blamed empire the same
for his fractured stories.

This revolution scorned
The thief dances on airtight lines
This way to Kingston- he cried
before the wards and sartorial
hopes that died.

Our kingdoms coming, High
a cocaine coma white priestess
Under the soma skies a horizon
Ashes to Aisha those lovers
of our minds. We're leaving them...
And their petty bright wonders....

To Kingston come.

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