Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Perfectly Quiet

Perfectly Quiet

I watch you break, then remake yourself
over me, leaving someone left
to pick up the pieces of what you forgot
you place your hands on my heart
and cause it to race, cause me to cry
You saw the face of your mother
in my shadow, her eyes glow like halos
and they're burning us down tonight

Your eyes were hollow globes
apathetic apertures
and I tore you apart, into madness
we dove, your rage is dangerous
You had nothing to say or take
No love left to shake away from
my body was your coffer
And you had nothing to offer me

You claim to know how much I hurt
Now I'm gonna let you break in two
bits, your unclean innocence
Moaning in agony to this pathetic
psychopath history trapped behind a
fleeting glance, a memory

I dance this dance with the monsters
This demon in the white noise
wanted for a truth sublime, voices
I hope you stay in the state of misery
Your world is the new normalcy
a never surrender that you rendered
Pretender to infinity.

You couldn't see the face of your mother
In my shadow, her eyes lit like roman
empires burning, featureless
fatherless kings, the artisan scheme
curates theatrical mezzanine dreams
Your voice was an empty echo
Ringing in the solitary night
As morning is broke into thunder

This torn oblivion has crossed a line
You think you've conquered a feminine spine
that your love was a killer, and mine the
sunshine that filtered through the window
Your hands are tracing my architecture
for another arsonist to copyright

And the architect of your bleeding lies
will limp lame, no artistry, your mouth
is a silent voyeur, a blind dummy
Made to distract me from my blamed
abilities, and an industry with power
enough the create chaos, an anti-christian
scientist, to prescribe meaning in nothing

So keep your mouth shut, worthlessly
You were no prophet don't think you
will ever see, the mercenary in me
for the one who falls upon the hour
knew that your mother wanted more
than the rival of her divinity.

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