Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Nothingness Space, Beautiful Surrender

Nothingness; Space

your studying the spaces between us
as you brush my hair with your fingers
the palms with your hands lingering
on the dawn of a new day

You don't know the secret in me
You don't have evidence of anything
You can't stop the monsters, devotee
I set the lion free;  you'll never know
that useless instrument you lost
cost nothing to me

They'll throw me to the beasts, remaining
let the rage devour every second contained
going insane to find meaning
in every stolen emotion; lacking the kind of faith
still frozen in a static reverie

those mechanical connections
twisted circuitry in constant energy
because she will cast her cold
midnight moonlight reverie
revealing the true face
an identity in their masked menagerie 

baby, angels don't hide behind corners
devils don't dwell between barriers; they
are forever at the crossroads
signing papers for terrorists
and granting asylum to the anarchist

Your children are wandering bare foot
they are leaving their bloody footprints
on the sidewalks that led you home
we're just another statistic; a dream you wrote
off, a house you tore down

They are not so impossibly empty, so horribly
vacant. Even in their sadness; 
they don't cry tears of indifference
for the haters we've become
picking apart the skeletons of crows behind
the empire who educated them of ghosts

and fantastical heroes at ball; now they are soldiers
holding sacred their sacrificial weaponry
idolizing this salvation-less century
with memories of tracing love's symmetry  
but where is the real enemy?

the beautiful song you sang to me; driving
as You tried to find the clearing; crying
in the forest of your fears engineering
where they danced like heathens in the fire
their voices haunting; the spectacle cursed

This white horse, and hiding from the universe
Pan; hoping I can come back if I can
I would fly, like the black eyed guy
Presidents whose infinite dilutions of Rome
made holy the cathedrals of Sodom.

I'm a red star in an empty sky full of smoke
So don't come around my pyre of episodes
Your black heart is burned; you're a bad joke
patients born in this dope century
a fist to the sky; waving goodbye at last.

Beautiful Surrender

Alone along the track in the night
looking for a cross hidden with power
under forgotten oak leaves; a past broken
she kept her vows secret, to sleep right
as they nursed her with poisoned melodies
while in her head voices rose to celebrate
to conquer power; immaculate words
in the unspoken fight

they were sinners; lovers of adventures
my heart was captured; and rendered
to the bentonite dreams of an anarchist 
the actors in this terrible show were real
the apocalypse that I forgot; was as beautiful
as the false memory that justified this
iconic decade of orphaned fantasies

Televised lies about a war fought and won
a forced submission; a cruel bondage
the science was my unholy escape
those impossible theories of freedom
conventional diagrams; their divinatory 
imaginations, always so incredibly divine

in this white-washed town; your always drowning
watch the stars as they sparkle and bleed
The dawn is golden, truth is a story
that we're awoken, cheated, mistaken
for we heard a dream's harping call
trace our footprints in the sands of time
following the echoes of your mystery's
avolition; wall to wall

I have come to this violent conclusion
that we are always fighting the simulation
to break these chains; for God's salvation
"You were not alone" lost artists and youth
of the eternal foundation; choose wisely that key
the never-ending distance between us
as he draws closer to finding 
some remote happiness, unsure of bravery
we never complained; there we were
naked and insane. don't let me down; 
I want you to survive; to be perfect
in the empiricist conspiracy
that you were their only architects 

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