Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Limitless, Survivalism


children walk along rails in the night
looking for crosses hiding madness
she violates her vows
as the crumbs fall

another nightmare 
heinous screams 
they should have just aborted her

she's worthless
possessed by that virus
that lives inside all of us
what a sin to be limitless


Marionette balanced on a wire
they're clapping
she's in cut-out paper stockings
they soon stumble to retire
in diamond dreams
circus eyes all arrive
red hearts polished to perfection
for this Iris of nature of a
paper thin Valentine
leaves tremble on their branches
men in ties and suits

uncomfortable in their pursuit
while outside they laugh and talk
highways of never-ending distance
some remote happiness;
we find it in the suburban 
break down 
but we never complain about it 
there we are, skinny,
naked and asleep

let me down from this castle
unravel, survive the machine
no answers shall come
my enemy, no blissful utterance
from my passive lips
drink your coffee, drink your silence
watch them kill each other
after all- it's just television

now the caterpiller has sprouted wings
and the dirty children are wondering
about their left-over things
trying to delay the decaying
economy, trade them all
and tomorrow we will melt the skies.

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