Wednesday, November 29, 2017

It Matters

It Matters

I called to see how he was and if he was ok
and he said he couldn't be there anymore
for me; to find true love as if it was anywhere
then called a couple days later repeatedly
to ask for my help with a sticky situation.

"But I have Tara now."

I was working and the phone was on silent
then I had a nightmare in a third world nation
of being trapped in another reality
in the room of a house I just left my friend in
after screaming and flying and shits following him
and I'm really hot now your sex crawling
in my skin and the chucky doll from Spencers
is scary.

"But I'm a terrorist."

it's 100 degrees Im dead or dying
there was a man standing over me crying
I was dead and my friend wouldn't wake me
I swear it was me or married to a virgin
and he told me when I woke
forget the illuminati or the brothers
not to repeat what had been spoken
and then that guy from the dream.

Because hearts can be broken
The men came down from a glass castle
in paradise, to a Lithium celebration
the face of true love was designed
before it was taken.

The old man wanted to leave me in chains
called the man with the cross
to repeat love's refrains
now I feel terrible and can't sleep
it is creeping around me while
they gather the sheep


How do you overcome
a defiance of absolution
what do they fear
when they make the people
turn queer?

Turned on fox news to hear
some sweet voice
tell me that black people
shouldn't swear on their
lives to housewives
who can't hear.

Found a Bible next to me
burnt it like God
erected liberty
out of the ashes of a comet
they called the antichrist superstar
found myself a serious myserty
now the right-wing conspirators
are scarred just like me.

It's also kind of crazy
So I'm not taking caffeine pills anymore
I'm taking the red one
getting the fuck outta the matrix

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