Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Hope, Mothers with Secrets


Is like a diamond
But false hope
Sinks like an emotion
That falls on deaf ears
Or a war that falls
Into the hands
Of a silent majority
And God, hope
Is a guiding light
The strings of a kite
No matter what comes
Really matters like a star
That will someday
Explode into infinity.

Mothers with Secrets

Her mother was sailing the sea
Another time, a history before waking
They stared into the archetype
A glaring messenger, broken

I recall a red sweater, it was cold outside
We were in the city, things were so ugly 
 I dreamed in the dirty wasteland
through fields of wheat and sunflowers
A land you can't understand

We Can Recover

I pray to a higher power within a choir of angels singing clearing a path toward a better future we get along finally stud...