Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Gateways, Magdalena


It's raining, the rain is breaking through
sometimes directionless, how about you?

daring the finite
shaking the bars
of memory
the story about those
featureless theories

the shadows are asleep, I fell between 
always keeping an eye over your shoulder
the camera caught our ghosts on channel 1
the apocalypse and invisible ones

heroic orbitors on a space ship to zero in
I nurtured my lost spiritual soul
frozen in the long forgotten highway
running and running and wrapped
in a beautiful prison

a poisonous snake shedding skin
a trapped creative con artisan 
to the other side we walked upon
painted lines thin like sand
to dance like foreign numerals
in the palms of her hands
infinite dancers on infinite places
I land.


In the meadow where gentle rains fall
Her soul slips slowly to the light
In a place with no recall.
Her sins that never did appall
This love that was so right
In a place with no recall.
Some say she was sinful
Did she keep her lips locked tight
Safe behind the wailing wall?
In a blessed land so small
Her soul came relentlessly to fight
Those words should they befall.
You can still hear them wail
To a soul from the depths of night
In a place that was to fall.
Did the people hear her call?
With such a raging heart of might
She was banished from them all
In a place with no recall.

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