Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Dreams Devices

His vision, eternal and unbroken
the truth in a world of words unspoken
he painted light in technicolor
but he made it there and to another's
Memories across the eyelids of heroes
who had joined a legion of leaders
teachers of passions, white and black
they never went to the school as apprentices
their charm was a complex code of histories

He sketched justice without prejudice
dreams of love rose above an empire
what's seen from up top of an endless high
Brooklyn's soul rises with the secret song
In the fires, the pages of our stories, scorched
Our hopes, survived a controlled demolition.

Wild in a world re-turning, he was dream's
soundless rite that magical device
through his advice kept recurring
we were not demolished, but we emerged
To be free and will continue to fight
because his love was resolved with peace
we can't stop the millions, awakened
at the top of the sandstone walls
and the nature of salvation
for the art of creative character
he could impersonate like no other
he assumed a star, and similarly acted
his hopes of strength that grew
as lions roared for truth.

and his mind was a brave warrior
the future became an infinite paradise
a canvas for the life of a soul, voices
across the skies tainted worry red
her hands drew rainbows across night
while gravity fell, in love he wants it all
and their hopes were not misled by the bell
We were an uninformed generation
covered with the scar tissue, white lies
And red lines across the earth
The black walls were a perception 
of revelations of human birth
bad static in the background 
mistaken decisions

When mighty angels huddled close
because gravity made them lovers
behind the music of prophecies
was a secret so inspirational
it made the heights seem conquerable
even when we were so distraught by
the props of our rights conditioned.

in a circle spiraling down backwards
in a circle spiraling to infinity
when the middle was divided
and all fortunes were predicted
In this house of cards, the bastard bards
the poisoned wards of fiction
rewritten for sedition to formulate
drunkard wars forchildren to hate
that were underscored by the voice of a mountain
because when you underlined 
the world's foundations

the people begin to think it's far too late
with fear in their hearts 
The soldiers continued their march
The rush for a newly crowned oligarch
and oblivion

Searching in veins of unfounded youth
raised false flags with poised hypocrisy, respite
They searched the world for the menace
who attested to their names in a book of blight.
interstellar evolution collided, an evil dislocation
crosley crosby john crow nash 

We'll search their eyes to see our
own reflected distant in the vacant past
one united in the game of the fastest
to crash the machination
a house of cards of name and
of gentrification, debased blood
a collection of people dying
love is our one solution
to surmise the demise of our lives.

So look forward to the polar ice caps melting
Stare ahead as the new order's slow freezing
the ozone that's disappearing, open up
stay the course of a future's engineering
keep cheer-leading, as your jesus 
on the cross is still bleeding
keep believing that when this is over
when this little clock of sand has run out,
this one you know so well
keep counting those smile lines,
the dividends that you get what its about
this so called device; so called divine.

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