Wednesday, November 29, 2017


those fragrant blossoms bring
a tear streaked belladonna
who wished upon starry moonbeams
in the paradise of cinema

A brightness so illuminating
she was seen from every cloud
In the paradise of heaven
I pray someday you will come down
to the circus of light
From your theater in the sky

Where prince and clowns are alike
The belladonna looks down smiling
With thorns twisted to a promise ring
Flutter, like a bird on dewy wings

A single white rose is tossed
To the carnival below in the streets
When Paradise was almost lost
Where God and Goddess could still meet

A lonely traveler sings a tune
It's our musical melody of remembrance
For the belladonna whose beauty
Tempted the Gods with such innocence

I will always remember your grace
the song in your lips, the kiss and its taste
The Tree where nature's beasts once
Flew away into the dust in sights unseen

Your withered shadows remain
Relics etched upon the hill where you lay
My smiling Belladonna
come down from the vine, I pray
because you are not in vain.

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