Wednesday, November 29, 2017



To display the epitome of all that you see
would be too cumbersome for me
a preferential logic has now become
a self-effacing reality when maligned minds are run
by a beautiful actor with an invisible weapon
implicit freedoms impaired
from where their composite positions
were coordinated to belong when
divinely initiated
by the man behind the machine.

When the atoms split moments into motion
between their dark hemispheres 
and simple solutions; yes or no
an echo, or a fantasy, or maybe in that
realm away from the stupid menagerie 
between the spectrum, a secret rage
false memories of a thoughtless crime
of wars unwritten.

It was just too complex to erase
too macro-cosmic to rectify 
with imagery alone; to testify against
their forbidden trajectory replaced
and this is all we will ever get again
the geometric nature of an
unknown place; too late those who
could realize this disorder

this enigmatic explosion, a master-less
hoax, and now our own redemption
she was shaken as she woke from
yesterday's laughter and this future's
slaughter; in their brave celebration
feeling betrayed by the miraculous
She saw them changing their shapeless
identities as they raged war on creations
from their prophetless properties
enlightened and prescribed the infinite

This new existence we have been
programmed we are
and what they perceived was not what
she recalled when she woke them 
from their ringing inceptions
their men, the callous warriors
those deviations- she saw someone else
between the bars; her happiness
was like the dance of an incredible star.

because to her there is something more
because time has stopped the world before
I am spiraling diving down, and now one
that I have found bravery in 
this power, that willful indifference
could not shield you from inherit perseverance in the face 
of your interfering song
why do I hold the key of
a master who turned me inside out 
as he looked past
to her through his tortured nemeses?

If they only knew, the curse that she woke
them; I called her destiny
You don't know how far I fell
to bring a nation; I won't kiss and tell
I won't rescue you, trinity 
unlock those bloodless chains
with my imagination so free
that made no sense to the population
a colorful pin wheel, a morning bell
an unheard canon 
he's folding a paper plane into the sky
sailing across that universal horizon
illustrative of an immaterial heir
and these unicursal reversals, we grasp to know
were strategies to undermine 
mediated theories of truth
not to realize duplicities; your foreign enemies
behind a veil, that it was not over
complicated, nor too simplied to grasp
the future is opened, is widening for you
it is as nocturnal as the lovers who breathed
through the outlet in the wall
as real as the one day you believed
that machine was one and all.

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